Supply & Service Port & Serving Area:  Chittagong Port & Mongla Port

We are Bangladesh Government Authorized Ship Supplier/Chandler/Marine Service Provider in Chittagong port and Mongla port. We supply various type of store to Chittagong port’s & Mongla port’s coverage ships.

Our Major Products of Supply:

01. Engine Stores, Deck Stores, Electric Stores, Safety Stores, Cabin Stores, Saloon Stores, Stationary Stores.

02. Cloth & Linen Products, Table & Galley Utensils, Clothing, Rope & Hawsers, Rigging Equipment & General Deck Items, Marine Paints, Painting Equipment, Safety Protective Gear, Safety Equipment, Hose & Couplings, Nautical Equipment, Medicine, Petroleum Products, Stationery, Harware, Brushes & Mats, Lavatory Equipment, Cleaning Material & Chemicals, Pneumatic & Electrical Tools, Hand Tools

03. Cutting Tools, Measuring Tools, Metal Sheets-Bar-etc, Screw & Nuts, Pipes & Tubes, Pipe & Tube Fittings, Valves & Cocks, Bearing, Electrical Equipment, Packing & Jointing, Welding Equipments, Machinery Equipment, Welfare Items.

04. Provision & Slop Chest, Bond Stores

05. Safety & Firefighting Equipment, Bridge Equipment (General)

06. Lubricants, Chemicals, Solvents & Cleaners, Powered Tools & Equipment, Hand Tools, Steel & Metal Work, Fastenings, Pipe & Tube Fitting, Crew Supplies.



Marine & Shipping Services:

01. Ship Safety Inspections & Services (Class Approved Associate Company)

02. Survey Jobs ( Cargo Survey, Machinery Survey, Discharge Counting Survey, Cargo Draft Survey Load/Light)

03. All kinds of Ship Certificate Renewal.

04. Ship Agency Services( Owner Protecting, Charter Agency)

05. Crew Sign On / Sign Off

06. Ship Brokering & Employement

07. Ship Scrap Broker & Trader